Bloom in Your Business

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"I now understand how to price my designs and markets to my ideal client"

Floral-preneurs tell me they are struggle with their confidence to design large scale designs and unsure how to attract the dream clients who are looking for these designs.

The result is they then start to cut their prices and design smaller pieces they don’t enjoy doing.

That is why I have put together courses and programs to help floral-preneurs to gain confidence and bloom in their business.

"Thank you! This is the first time in a long time that I feel like I have the support I need  to be successful in the next part of my journey."


I’m Sarita. I’ve been flowering and designing for the wedding industry since 2014. I started working with small weddings and small centrepieces and now have done flowers for weddings with more than 500 guests and bigger budgets.

I started with flower school and learned the principles of design but then wanted to build a business without learning to do this. I made lots of mistakes, some expensive too!! In the beginning of my floral-preneur journey, I struggled with confidence in design (Yes! Even after attending flower school and knowing what to do) and struggled with knowing how to get the right clients to buy from me. I was not making the money that I should have made!!

Over the years I invested more in myself, grew in confidence and booked beautiful weddings. I know the struggle is real and this is why I want to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years to help other floral-preneurs just like you so that you can bloom in your businesses too.  Click here to see how you can grow your confidence and bloom your business faster.

You Can Bloom in Your Business


Learn the design techniques


Discover the strategy to booking dream clients


Book my dream clients and bloom your business

Eliminate the Guesswork
Imagine how you will feel when you get confidence to go out there and create the designs that inspire you And book more of those brides that you are dreaming about

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"I finally feel confident on taking my business forward."