Ultimate Social Media Calendar and Strategy for Wedding Florists 


Simply use these post ideas to create posts for your business
every single day 

  • 365 days of content ideas and 60 hashtags just for you 
  • Especially created for florists and floral designers with strategy 
  • No need to get stuck ever again with your social media
  • Work less and get better results
  • Save time  

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About your host

Hi, I'm Sarita! I've been designing and arranging flowers for weddings since 2014, starting with smaller events and gradually expanding to larger weddings with more than 500 guests and bigger budgets. I began my journey by attending flower school, where I learned the fundamentals of design. However, despite this education, I struggled with confidence in my designs and finding the right clients to purchase my services. As a result, I made costly mistakes early on in my business. Over time, I invested in my personal growth and gained confidence in my abilities, allowing me to book more beautiful weddings and grow my business. I want to share the knowledge I've gained over the years with other floral-preneurs so that they can flourish in their businesses and avoid the struggles that I faced.